Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Protest against Superintendent and divisional administration of Mavelikara Division

Protest against Superintendent and divisional administration of Mavelikara Division
NFPE Mavelikara Division on 10.01.2012 organised mass demonstration against the arrogant attitude of superintendant and divisional Administration against employees and their service union. About 200 workers of Mavelikara division gathered in front of Mavelikara HPO/Divisional office building. Mass rally was conducted from HPO building covering Mitchel Junction-Mavelikara.
Com.CMS Haji ,ex Divisional secretary P3 NFPE inaugurated the function. Com.K Nissar( Div Secretary P4 ) and O A Rassaq ( Div secretary GDS) addressed the function

Memo submitted to the superintendent :
As per the decision of the Joint Working Committee meeting of AIPEU this memoranda contained demands is submitted for necessary action.
1)The attitude of Divisional administration towards employees and the union is not cordial or cooperative. Union’s interference in service matters and employees matters are dealt with intolerance and arrogance. The enquiries/correspondence are also replied in arrogance. This attitude must be changed.
2)Harassment of staff is the order of the day. Employees are being harassed orally and in writing for not achieving targets and in the name of Project Arrow. GDS employees are being threatened that their personal matters like transfers and welfare matters will not be processed and allowance will be reduced.
3)Discrepancy between monthly meeting discussions and minutes. Monthly meeting minutes are often issued in contravention to the discussions and settlements in the meeting.
4)MACP is denied to some officials . Their cases may please be reviewed.
5)Settle EDGIS claims of formerly GDS now promoted as MTS.
6)Revise contingent allowance immediately which has not been done since 1.1.2009
7)Stop irregular retention of PA in Divisional Office. One employee is being retained in Divisional office allowing him to continue for more than 20 years in the same building.
8)RPLI commission/Incentive claims of many employees are pending. Though Divisional Office claimed that no application is pending.
9)Provide additional man power for RPLI data entry work with Head Offices.
10)Supply/replace faulty UPS of Sub Offices. There are cases pending for one year.
11)Review denied CCL application.
12)Expedite supply of uniforms and chappals.
13)APAR due in July 2011 has not been released.
14)Revise FSC with retrospective effect immediately as per Directorate orders.
15)Stepping up of Pay of seniors vide OM No 1-9/2010-PCC dated 5/1/2011 of Ministry of Communication & IT is pending in respect of some officials.
16)Release all personal claims such as TA, ROHSC etc.
17)Supply adequate furniture such as Computer table, Chairs etc.
18)Sanction arrears of substitutes worked in the leave vacancy of Postmen/Gr D.
Yours faithfully;
Divisional Secretaries
L Jayasree K Nizar O A Rassaq
AIPEU Gr C Postmen & MTS GDS
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