Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Dear Comrades,
We salute the warriors, GDS, who have shown outstanding performance in the struggle of INDEFINITE STRIKE LASTED FOR 7 DAYS.  It is an eye opener to each and every one involved in the Trade Union movement, with particular reference to the postal movement.  It is also most unfortunate that a section of GDS abstained from the struggle. 

A report of the struggle:

Revolutionary Greetings and Congratulations to all GDS comrades who have participated in the INDEFINITE STRIKE with strong determination and dedication for 7 days .  The Strike was almost total in most of the circles.  It was partial in a few circles because of confusion created by Anti-GDS elements and disruptive forces.

The GDS leadership left no stone unturned for the success of the Strike.  Apart from series of discussions with the administration the leaders sought for the intervention of the MPs, Ministers to bring pressure on the Government/Department.  Today the leadership with active leaders met Home Minister who is from Maharastra, our All India president Com.D.N.Giri is also from the same state/circle.  Since Sri.Kapil sibal minister(MOC) was totally busy today we could not meet him.  However we have ensured that he had taken sincere action in the matter.  Some senior MPs have spoken to Hon’ble MOC today on our Bonus issue, with positive response.

In the above background talks with the administration was held, with Director S/R and DDG(est) at 3.30 pm.   Meeting lasted for about  one  hour in a congenial atmosphere.  The demands viz.,Protection of TRCA, Bonus and Health insurance(RSBY) received attention.  As regards other demands are it was agreed to consider them sympathetically. 

Thus, taking all aspects into consideration it was decided to Call Off the STRIKE with immediate effect.  The Dte., orders are also printed herein.  However at last the Secretary Madam remarked that the Department was considerate to the demands of GDS. 

  Comrades, we once again extend revolutionary Greetings to you for your swift action in making the Strike a historic one.  That itself is the victory over the attacks on you in various ways.  Even though Kerala did not take part in the struggle, West Bengal partially participated in Strike, there was total struggle in all other circles.  This shows the readiness of the GDS to fight for the cause independently.  



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