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RCM MEETING ON 6TH SEP,2012. RCM LEADERS MEET AT 1100 ON 5TH Venue: RCM Office, Rajajinagar, BG:

Karnataka Circle, No.33, P&T Quarters, Rajajinagar
Ref: RCM/2012                                                                             Date: 17.07.2012

1.      Filling up of vacancies of PA,Postmen, Mail guard, MTS and GDS vacant posts in the circle: Due to various reasons viz., Utilising regular strength of PA for system admin work, ME, Business activity, officiating arrangements in LSG, IP etc. more than 30% posts are vacant in almost all divisions.
2.      Taking into consideration the untiring work of delivery staff, with special reference to delivery of Adhar Cards under speed post, incentive for delivery Re.1/-(One only) may be sanctioned like AP Circle. 
3.      All SPCC Hubs under RMS:
a)  4  SPCC Hubs are under the control of RMS and 2 are under the control of postal Supdts and SPCC Bangalore  functions as a separate unit under direct control of CO. 
This dual control causes many problems for staff arrangements and mail arrangements.  Therefore it is requested to bring all speed posts Hubs under the administrative control  of RMS.
 b) There is no separate establishment of staff in respect of SPCC Bangalore.  Officials were taken on deputation from RMS, thereby the work at RMS Offices suffers.  Therefore it is requested to create a separate establishment for SPCC Bangalore. 
4.      Designating more number of L1 offices and introduction of intra  circle bags  for all L2        offices: a)  It is observed after designating L1 and L2 offices, mails are being delayed due to restriction on closing justified bags for any RMS offices. b) To avoid delay it is requeserved in many cases MACP priomotions are being granted ted to designate more number of L1 offices such as Belgaum and Bijapur at NK, Davangere and Hassan at SK Region.  C) Bags may be introduced from all L1 offices to L2 offices and vice versa.  This will minimize unnecessary back routing and double handling of mails.
5.      Granting MACP from prospective date:  It is observed in many cases MACP promotions being given form prospective dates instead of retrospective dates that is from the date on which the official is due for promotion.  Such anomalies may be rectified and instruction may be issued to grant MACP from the due date.
6.      Non filling up of 25% MTS vacancies from RMS and postal side among T/S CL/FTCL/PTCL are not being filled up regularly by all regions.  Therefore necessary instructions may be given to all divisions to follow the recruitment rules and fill up vacancies.
7.      Providing of MTS recruitment quotas of previous years i.e 2010-11 and 2011-12:  In RMS HB division there are 30-35 FTCL Casual laborers in the division.  If all quotas are sanctioned then only these FTCL officials get appointed.  Hence, quotas as mentioned may be provided by CO without further loss of time.
8.      Non provision of an attender for staff of HB 7 section i.e one MG and one MTS.  They are facing lot of problems for preparation of food and cleaning of rest house etc.  Assistance of one attender for at least 5 hours is felt much essential, may be provided. 
9.      Rotational transfers and hardship/inconveniences to the staff in case of violation of policy guidelines:  Such representations are not being considered objectively and disposed of without any speaking order defeating the very objective.  Ex: Cases of Raichur, Sirsi, Gadag divisions. 
10.  Non implementation of the decision of the JCM in respect of entrustment of speed post articles to all postmen instead of burdening a few speed postmen:  Delay further if any would be at the cost of public service and hence the matter to be expedited.
11.  While spending huge amount for look and feel factor of Bangalore GPO, arrangements for proper sorting and dispatch of ordinary mails received.  The officials at mail and sorting are working in an unhygienic and cramped condition which needs to be addressed forthwith. 
12.  E stamping business a loss making and eating our valuable time and work to be discontinued forthwith.
13.  Improper computer training hardly helps officials at their work places.  Proper training at the work places would be ideal and a team of system administrators and trainers may plan program for effective implementation of training program.
14.  Non grant of higher rate of gratuity, i.e.5 lakh in death cases on duty.  Ex: Accident at GPO premises where three officials died on duty, One postman died in an accident while on duty at Bhadravati etc.
15.  Extension of CGHS facilities to the uncovered residential areas in Bangalore and other important cities in the circle:  Since the officials are not getting full reimbursement of the expenses incurred the CGHS facilities need to be extended to these areas.
16.  Insistence of CGHS rates in recognized hospitals marked for CGHS facilities to staff:  It is observed that Hospitals like Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Mallya Hospitals are charging abnormal rates to our officials and their medical claims are not honored as per agreement between the department and the recognized hospitals. 
17.  Non grant of TA to the officials sought for re-allotment of their postings on initial constitution of postmasters’ cadre:  It is not transfer, but re-allotment and hence claims of the officials to be approved.
18.  Interpretation of directorate instructions on compassionate appointment cases of GDS and unnecessary correspondence and waste of labor/public money:  Due to wrong interpretation of instructions old cases of deaths occurred prior to 1.1.2011 are being process reprocessed, challenged in court etc. etc.  Hence correct decision need to be taken in this regard to avoid waste of public money on this issue. 
19.  Uniformity in valuation of paper A of Postmen examination to be ensured:  Since key answers are not supplied marks are allotted as per the understanding of the officer who indulge in this work.  It is noticed that zero mark is given to a correct answers and in one case the official had to struggle for years to get justice.  Transparency should be ensured in this regard and circulation of model answers for guidance of aspirant GDS and the valuators felt essential.
20.  The true spirit of JCM:  The gap between staff and administration is being widened we strongly feel.  Discouraging informal meetings with union representatives and non response/delayed response to the union not expected from the administration.  Cordial relationship is for better government machinery which we need not emphasize.
21.  MGNREGS and related harassment to the staff:  The officials are forced to work beyond duty hours.  There are some exceptions to these transactions and there are compulsions from the local politicians for payment at a stretch.  At last ultimate sufferers are our staff.  In a recent case at Kolar division a senior most official, sincere one is made scapegoat – kept under suspension.  Divisional heads may be instructed to have complete information before taking such action.

Note: 1. It is requested to grant one day Special CL, including transit to the outside participant of Hubli, to the members of RCM on the previous day of the meeting for preparation/discussion among staff side. 
2.      Hither to views of the staff side on each item is not being recorded, may be ensured.
3.      Minutes may be released in consultation with the staff side duly signed. 

   Secretary, RJCM.

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