Saturday, April 28, 2012


Meeting with Hon’ble Minister for State Communications and IT

A delegation from A.I.P.E.D.E.U consisting of Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah, General Secretary, Com. B.V. Rao, Asst. General Secretary, Com. Rajendra Diwakar, Treasurer and other met Shri Sachin Pilot, Hon’ble Minister for State Communications and IT in the residence of Minister 3, Safadarjung Road at about 11:00 hours on 27-04-2012. We reminded the discussions held on 21-1-2012 with the minister on the burning problems of GDS. He recollected the discussions made by Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah at length and reassured us to intervene to settle the pay protection, bonus ceiling, postman recruitment rules etc. The delegation thanked the minister for his positive response. We submitted a detailed memorandum on pressing problems to the minister.

Later Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah and Com. B.V. Rao went to the Directorate to request to expedite the action. We were informed that they received a phone call from the Minister and the problems which were discussed with the minister will be settled soon.

It is pleased to inform that the DOP&T has given approval for removal of 25% out side quota recruitment. The file has been sent to law Ministry for clearance.

The department of posts has recommended to grant Rs. 3500/- bonus ceiling to G.D.S and prepared a detailed expenditure note to send Finance Secretary today. In that note the department of posts mentioned that the total expenditure is only 53 Crores if the bonus ceiling enhanced to Rs. 3500/- to G.D.S.

The five men committee headed by V.P. Singh regarding Rs. 20,000/- per point, allowance of cash conveyance etc has submitted its report. It is under consideration of the Postal board and I.F.S. We hope that the positive orders may be issued soon by the DOP.

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