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Karnataka Circle, No.33,P&T Quarters, Rajajinagar
Ref:CC/NFPE /2012                                                                     Date: 16.02.2012

Ms.Hilda Abraham,
Chief Postmaster General,
Karnataka Circle,

Sub: Memorandum of problems – demand for immediate settlement by democratic means.
The 27th Joint Biennial Conference of the above unions held at Shimoga unanimously adopted many resolutions.  A few resolutions among those have been again deeply discussed at length in a joint meeting held recently and decided to serve a notice to the circle administration for immediate remedial action.  We are of the firm opinion that the issues raised here in would be appreciated by the administration and action will be taken to the best satisfaction of the staff and the administration as well.  For, Karnataka is in better position in all respects because of the work culture, hard work and tolerance of the staff.  Voice of the proper forum is to be heard to avoid further damage if any.

1.      Despite our urge to stop unjustified disciplinary action, recovery etc.,  against innocent hard working officials the administrative excesses are continued unheeded, e.g. Jayanagar, Bg cyber fraud case has nothing to do with the staff and the negligence of duties of the higher ups are undermined to identify them as subsidiary offenders we affirm strongly. The administration cannot cheat the toiling officials who are the assets of the department.  So is the case of Gulur in Tumkur where the head of the division is responsible for irregular acceptance of V.R of the official and staff are harassed unnecessarily.  In Savanur, Haveri fraud case it is software defect but the officials are harassed, even transfer/deputation denied to officials apart from unreasonable actions.  Due to administrative default of not filling GDS post over 4-5 years there was fraud in HMT, Bangalore.  Unnecessarily the officials are penalized, suspension continued blindly and unjustifiably.  Money should be recovered from the culprit first, even as a land revenue due then next course.  Totally the investigation/vigilance angle of the circle is not to the satisfaction of the staff/union and views of the union are not taken for public good.  The department has to pay a heavy price for this in the near future.  The administration cannot evade the matter terming it as individual case, disciplinary case etc., as grave injustice has been done to the staff in general and sincere officials in particular. Stop all such action and review in a meeting with unions.  It is also our responsibility to safe guard the interest of our members as per the approved constitution of the union. There is big communication gap between unions and the administration in the present scenario which is not good for a healthy government machinery.

Request registers not consulted intentionally to deny the request of our circle office bearer to Mangalore and yielding to the political pressure most unwarranted, illegal and in violation of rules.  Vindictive action against union office bearers; In Bagalkot transfer immunity is denied to the divisional secretary – divisional set up paralyzed, no periodical meetings, uninterrupted functioning affected, conference not held in time.  Similarly in another case at Tumkur division, instead of taking action erring officers known for their corrupt practices, dereliction of duties, nepotism, partisan attitude, illegal activity etc., action against demonstrators is being forced by RO which is totally opposed and condemned.  Relief to the aggrieved lady is yet to be implemented and on the other hand case is sidelined to prove evasive attitude of the administration – a very sorry state of affair!  We wish to know the result of the marathon enquiry, re-enquiry and action against erring officer, reply to our communications right from our communication vide No.Agit/TMR/2010 dated 13.09.2010 addressed by name to the then PMG,SK.  The present officer has given false report every now and then and responsible for the present crisis in Tumkur where our union members are facing lot of hardship and agony.  An open enquiry before media is our demand as such officers are to be exposed and the protectors are to be punished.

Transfer irregularities represented to the RO and CO not answered properly and official grievances are neither heeded nor settled to their satisfaction – cases RT still pending in February to the utter dismay of the union e.g, cases of Tumkur division.

Excesses of officers on tour and action against sincere officials on the basis of insufficient information/false complaints e.g cases of Hunsur, Mysore and Uddeboranahalli in Chikmagalur division.  To have a relook the administration has taken around 3 months and irreparable damage to the officials/family members! What moral ground the administration has to expect the operative to be fast/speedy?  Of course transfer is not a punishment, has become so if done in the middle of the academic year.  The administration is free to take action against erring officers.

3.      Denial of Compassionate appointment to the wards of GDS – incorrect application of instructions for old cases of deaths occurred before 1.1.2011.  It is also not proper to reject cases when the subject is still under review at directorate level.  The recent instructions are not on scientific/rational norms.  We demand all death cases prior to 1.1.2011 should be considered forthwith for appointment and all notifications/employment processes should be stopped forthwith.

4.      Non consideration of request of GDS on health grounds where the GDS suffer due to financial hardship.  The power is delegated to the circle head to avoid disputes and irregularities at lower level and not to deny transfer which is a welfare activity. It is one time in one’s service, subject to reduction of TRCA too.  The intention behind such centralization is very clear. There should not be any reduction of TRCA as the case is under process at Directorate.

5.      Rejection of ROMC claims – most unjustified action:  There shall be no reason to reject a single genuine claim.  There should not be any judgment on the emergency certificate granted by the competent medical officer.  The rules are so relaxed that no case should suffer rejection, the inherent intention behind such instructions are to be understood by all concerned.  Proper instructions to the divisional head where defect lies primarily. A small deviation from rules/instructions should not be a bar to allow the claims.  All pending claims should be honored. Ex: A claim of a serious bedridden patient of Bg West division is not considered for the reason not convincing!  The official never claimed any bill in her entire service record, her CGHS contribution is promptly deducted throughout!

6.      Denial of MACP to those who have not been given an opportunity to offer their say on the bench mark of AVERAGE.  Follow CAT/SC judgments as a general guideline; avoid unnecessary correspondence, work and petitions.  The defects of the scrutiny committee are to be reviewed by the competent authorities for granting their due financial up-gradations.  All such cases need to be reviewed and petitions are disposed of immediately. 

7.      Irregular termination of Casual labors and entrustment of their duties to the MTS.  There was no order to terminate their services, in fact it was an order not to appoint Casual labors w.e.f 1.12.2010.  Due to such misinterpretation many who have been in service over 15-30 years lost their daily bread.   Restore all such officials and mitigate the burden on MTS e.g. in Rajaji nagar MTS are to sweep garden!  MTS are risked in night watchmen duties although their physical conditions do not permit.  Safety of their lives and property of the department not cared at all!

8.      Neglected Mails and Sorting department and torture to the officials working in this branch:  Much important, revenue generated in crores, of mail and sorting is functioning in passage, beside toilet.  This cramped atmosphere, shifting of supervision from postal to RMS etc., is to spoil efficiency and earn bad name to the department.  Views of unions not at all considered for better service.

9.      Harassment of delivery staff in all areas: Speedpost postmen/GDS over work not compensated, fuel charges insufficient, work not shared among all, Oral instructions to deliver Adhar cards with 100% results not rational/practicable.  Project arrow offices and insistence of 100% delivery is in violation of rules and instructions on delivery.

10.  Improper CBS work, no effective supervision or systematic work to set right the disorder:  Waste of manpower to be looked into and shortage at operative to be addressed for efficiency and improvement of our services to public. Eliminate defects in the machinery.

Needless to mention that small cases of reversion from MTS to GDS case of Gadag division, continuance of wards of GDS dies in harness (temporarily for some more time) for the follies of administration, consideration of requests for transfer within Bangalore, Rule 38 relaxation to facilitate efficiency/peace/motivation, a request to go back to Accounts line etc.,  these are all small issues require positive attitude/consideration but pay rich dividend if honored in time.  This is lacking, of late, we deplore.  So, it has become inevitable to this union to DEMAND SETTLEMENT OF THE ABOVE NARRATED, MERE ILLUSTRATIONS, WITHIN 48 HOURS FROM THIS HOUR OF SUBMISSION.  Lest we will be forced to resort to Trade Union action till TRUTH AND JUSTICE IS ESTABLISHED. 

Hoping favourable response, that is an official meeting with open mind, minutes to be recorded and action for implementation ensured.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

           S.S.MANJUNATH               V.PURUSHOTTAM                   K.C.ANNAPPA
          Circle Secretary Gr.                Circle Secretary P-IV               Circle Secretary GDS.

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